Staged Scenario #5 Soros journalist creates own Burial Bouquet
Wednesday, 22 April 2015

As disgusting as their staged ideas are, opposition journalist are certainly getting good ideas from their handlers.

The latest ridiculous move (after publishing 5 page stories of the Goshince incident seconds after it happened) is the SDSM and Soros controlled journalist Borjan Jovanovski who allegedly received death threats in the shape of a burial flower arrangement (sic).

The Soros controlled media in familiar unison was in uproar within seconds.

Only for police to receive information that this is just another staged incident by the very "journalists" who are protesting, the idea was to create a scenario where they were victims of the Government.

And now the sad part. The burial arrangement which was paraded in public, brought in front the of the Government building to protest is Not the same flower arrangement they originally showed the police and published in several Soros controlled news outlets. Borjan Jovanovski assisted by his Soros buddies set the whole thing up, they have several of these and mistakenly took photos of different burial bouquets (took photos of one kind to post on their website, while took another bouquet to go protest in front of the Government!

Detectives investigating the case confirmed the entire thing is staged, will speak to the Public Prosecutor to press charges against Borjan Jovanovski.

As for Borjan Jovanovski and his Soros cohorts.... apparently, there isn't a level how low they will go. The 5m Euros Soros budget in Macedonia provided by the USAid, all of it aimed at destabilizing the country does allow them to buy quite a few flower arrangements and share them among themselves. //Marina Nikolovska


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