Disturbing: SDSM and Terrorist Group Planned to Attack Macedonian Institutions on May 17th
Sunday, 10 May 2015



 As MoI officials are investigating the Kosovo terror group, it received knowledge that numerous civilian objects were targets for May 17th, the date they were tasked to begin their terror campaign.


It is quite disturbing that SDSM leadership planned the same day, May 17th as the day to organize a violent protest against the Government tasking civilians to attack and takeover Government buildings as noted by an SDSM insider who became disturbed by the plan he was presented.

MINA published SDSM's plan in detail on May 8th.


It is quite disturbing that the SDSM and the UCK Terrorist group have the same plans, on the same day. Does the SDSM and the terror group have the same handlers, the same financiers?

Police has in custody 4 of the most notorious terrorists in the Balkans. Macedonian citizens were outraged they were not killed, however valuable information has been given to the authorities. 


Zoran Zaev announced his party plans to stage as he called 'bloody protest' on May 17th!!!


This fact shows there is synchronization between SDSM plans and those of the terrorist group. MINA finds while SDSM would cause disturbances in Skopje, the terror group was tasked to do the same in Kumanovo, therefore spreading the police thin, demeanishing their capacity.

The SDSM does not want new elections, because they cannot win an election. Instead, the SDSM wants disturbances which with outside help will install themselves in Government.


We can't go into it again why is Zoran Zaev, Crvenkovski and Sekerinska walking around free, however as TV presenter and actor Toni Mihajlovski put it on his Facebook Status "Damned be the Traitors". //Marija Nikolovska


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