Macedonian Opposition Uses CIA and Soros Funds to Hire 2,000 Violent Thugs for Sunday Protest
Saturday, 16 May 2015


In an interview for Soros owned nova-tv portal the leader of the SDSM Zoran Zaev confirmed the opposition has brought (bought) 2,000 young individuals for the Sunday "protest". 


SDSM insiders afraid of what is being planned for Sunday have already spilled out the plan. Beginning from the fact there would be only few thousand protesters bussed from all corners of the country (many receiving 500 denars), to instructions for Soros owned media to present the number of protesters as "100,000". These instructions were sent not just to Soros owned media in Macedonia, but propaganda veterans and collaborators NYTimes and Reuters.


Zaev's "2,000 young people who know karate and kick box" is in fact the thugs that have been hired using USAID, NED, PNAC (all fronts for the CIA) and Soros funds which the SDSM has received for years. The above mentioned foreign entities deposited several million dollars to SDSM bank accounts just days before the attempted coup.


The aim is for the scenario to be Kiev-like, with burning of cars, shops, and clashes with the police. SDSM members who own shows downtown have already been told to close them early and leave as they will be vandalized).

For this purpose, the SDSM has brought in over 100 thugs outside of Macedonia (Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro), in addition to hooligans from FC Rabotnicki and known criminals with thick police dossiers. The SDSM insider stated each has received 500 euros, and criminals who are expected to lead the rest into clashes with police will get 1,500 euros/day.


The reason for the SDSM insider coming out with the above information is the fear that certain SDSM structures have hired individuals who would use guns not just on the police, but on protesters, to create the illusion that police is firing on protesters and vice versa, a scenario already seen in Kiev and elsewhere. For instance, in Kiev, hospital doctors stated the same weapons were used on both protesters and policemen, however the information was censored and never made it to "mainstream" western media.


Zaev spoke of the May 17th scenario at length for over two months, calling it a "bloody day". Considering the terrorists in Kumanovo planned to attack on May 17th as well, Zaev's statement brings a new dimension into SDSM's activities and the foreign entities who support them.


The reason for the coup that begun in February? The US needs a Government installed that would be obedient to them (Zaev having an IQ of a goal post is the perfect fit). The current Government doesn't cut it, because it cares for its citizens and their well being, it showed interest in the Turkish Stream (host a transit pipeline) which will bring substantial revenues to the country, so much so, the average salary is projected at 1,000 euros in just few years after its introduction.  //Gorazd Velkovski


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