Macedonian Opposition Protest a Fiasco, Zaev joined by two Anti-Macedonians, Stanishev and Fuere
Sunday, 17 May 2015


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Zaev begun his long announced protests by bringing with him the two biggest Anti-Macedonians anyone can think of. For the SDSM leader to think they will help his cause, it's truly remarkable. The first paid for "guest" is Sergey Stanishev, easily the biggest Anti-Macedonian there is, unmatched even by Karamanlis who himself is quite high on the list.

While in Greece the Macedonians have a political party who get 0 votes (Greeks don't count votes of Macedonians), for years Stanishev refused to register a Macedonian political party in Bulgaria when he was the Prime Minister.  The Bulgarian Government has been ordered by the European Court to register a Macedonian party, yet, they have paid their fines and refused to do so - three times. Stanishev's name in Bulgaria is synonymous for mega corruption scandals, releasing state secrets, the EU Parliament ended up stripping him of his immunity. He frequently held lengthy speaches in the European Parliament negating Macedonians and the Macedonian language. This is who Zaev brought to the protest for support?

Update : Stanishev held a speech, in which not once did he mentioned Macedonians. Yes, this just happened in Skopje.


Erwan Fuere as an EU representative unofficially became persona-non-grata for constantly insulting Macedonia, calling it with the acronym and never hid his anti-Macedonian sentiment. Fuere became famous for walking into coffee shops in Skopje accompanied by young boys . He also financed the gay and lesbian community in Macedonia with EU funds, insisted changes to the constitution to accomodate his sexual beliefs, preference and views. Not surprisingly, there were dozens of gay/lesbian rainbow flags at the protest today, all paid for by Brussels. Fuere was also remembered for his close cooperation with Branko Geroski and Aco Kabranov, two "journalists" working for Soros NGO "Open Society Institute".



A lot of Noise, Very Few People

Despite people being bused from literally every corner of Macedonia, the 3 months preparation for the protest funded by both Soros and CIA fronts (PNAC, NED, USAid), the SDSM could hardly muster 10,000 people. Many of these people had to come, as they work for companies run by SDSM officials, so their dilemma was "either go to protest, or don't have a job", MINA finds, particularly with people arriving from Ohrid and Strumica who had to bring not just themselves, but their family, including kids and grand parents. Zaev had previously announced 100,000 people!?




We always keep the best for last. A video below shows two individuals holding a sign, appear to have the toughest time using the Macedonian language. Both hold a sign written in Serbian.

But that's not the best part, a lady sitting next to them is asked "What are you doing here?" Her response is priceless "I don't know, they brought me here" then laughs.  //Marija Nikolovska



An anti-government protest ocurred in Brussels as well. 6 people showed up, out of which two spoke Macedonian.



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