Nedelkovski: There are Americans killed among Terrorists in Kumanovo
Monday, 18 May 2015


One of Macedonia's most famous journalists is Milenko Nedelkovski.

In an editorial published on his website on May 15th, he is asking himself one question, will Macedonia make it from the foreign initiated destabilization? The short answer says Nedelkovski, is a resounding Yes.

"The six horsemen of the apocalypse, the so called "western" ambassadors didn't wait a single day for us to even bury the Macedonian heroes, they rushed to meet with president Ivanov and Gruevski, to blackmail, to "insist", to request, to demand!!" writes Nedelkovski.

"The basic requests were layered like a baklava, you know, the usual suspects, judicial reforms, protection for whistleblowers (I assume the same protection US granted Manning and Snowden?), political dialog and similar cr*p, but the Real Request Was for the Courts Not to Release the Name of the British Ambassador as Directly Ordering the Coup" says Nedelkovski adding "Just as Important was to Hide the Names of 4 Americans and British Terrorists Killed in Kumanovo" The four came from the US Base in Kosovo, BondSteel.

"The US Ambassador Jess Bailey, nicknamed by Macedonian media as "Jess (Himmler) Bailey was instrumental in the failed coup attempt in Turkey where several civilians died during months old staged protests. There too the coup started with a fabricated wiretapping scandal." says Nedelkovski.

"Now Himmler was sent here to do the same" adds Nedelkovski.

Yesterday, the Macedonian Government lowered the count of 14 killed terrorists to 10, is it to hide the 4 American terrorists and their involvement?

Skopje based Dnevnik ran an editorial as well, of leaked information that 4 of the killed were neither from Kosovo, nor Macedonia or Albania, rather from "another nation".

Read Nedelkovski's column here //Marija Nikolovska


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