How CIA and Soros Openly Finance Destabilization of Macedonia
Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The gang pretending to be NGOs and trained to overthrow Governments and stage coups around the world is paying $1,500 for ideas how to better organize demonstrations, reported Vecer.

That gang is Soros' Open Society Institute, USAid (Front for the CIA) and the Forum Group (another Soros financed "NGO"). This very group has already backed and financed not just the Macedonian opposition SDSM, but their activists & protests, dating back to 2009. The document (shown above) was sent to Macedonian students asking  for their best ideas in an effort to overthrow a Government. Cash is offrered for the best ideas. The document has two headers, the first is that this is a "School for Active Citizens" and the second below is a "Call for Action".

A Serbian based organization named "Canvas" led by Srgja Popovic who specializes in demonstrations has been hired both by Soros and the CIA to "help" overthrow a Macedonian Government that enjoys the support of nearly 75% of the populaiton. Canvas itself has gained quite the notoriety. Namely, the UAE has listed the Serbian organization in the same ranks as Al-Qaeda, it is the only non-muslim terrorist organization listed by the Emirates! Not surprisingly, the CIA loves Canvas.

Canvas and Srgja Popovic were (repeatedly) hired by the CIA and were instrumental in bringing chaos to Ukraine (look at Ukraine today) and in removing Egypt's Hosni Mubarak from power.

Canvas members have managed to get themselves permanently banned from ever entering Russia, but they seem to be welcomed in the Macedonian capital. Soros Open Society Institute and the CIA via its fronts (PNAC, NED, USAid) have hired Canvas to do Kiev v2.0 in Macedonia.

Canvas activists got themselves busy instantly. Realizing the Government enjoys massive support of the populace, it first started offering cash to students to bring others to protest. Failing to gain traction the money started flowing in all directions, always through USAID, OSI and Forum.

The 'best' ideas how to overthrow democratically elected Government were sent to Sonja Ismail, daughter of Guner Ismail, a popular SDSM member and former official. Several years ago Sonja Ismail was the focus of investigation for illegally owning three state apartments through her father that she rented out for nearly a decade, earning her over 300,000 euros.

Canvas first earned its notoriety for bringing down Milosevic. Encouraged by its 'success', but mostly by the cash their members received, it didn't end there. Canvas was repeatedly hired by the CIA to organize protests in Gruzia, Moldavia, the Maldives (yes, even the Maldives), Lebanon, Egypt, Ukraine....

Canvas first appeared in Macedonia in 2009, when it became apparent the SDSM will be in opposition once again. The thug for hire himself Srgja Popovic was present in Ohrid to christen the opening of a "Canvas Academy" where future protesters and activists would be trained and be called upon when the time is right.

Who was the financier of this academy? Who else - USAID and Soros.

Current Soros employees Gjuner Ismail and Sasho Ordanovski were the promoters.

"Students were paid and agrgresively trained on how to protest in December of 2014 and January of 2015. Srgja Popovic himself showed up and met with Zaev in March, April and early May 2015. On May 6th Canvas (SDSM) activists violently attacked policemen, injuring 38", reported Vecer.

Canvas was heavily involved in the death of Russian opposition leader Nemtsov, just few days before the scheduled opposition protest. The goal was to destabilize the situation, create an internal conflict. But most Russians saw through the orchestrated murder for what it was, an ordered hit. When one takes into account the wife of Canvas' leader worked at Stratfor (another CIA front), then things become clear, reported Vecer.

Prior to Canvas, Serbia had another group created by undercover NGOs. It was called "Otpor", financed by Freedom House (another front for the CIA). Even the UN investigated Freedom House for their ties to the CIA. All members of Otpor have today joined the ranks of Canvas.
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