Has the United States defeated anyone, ever?
Sunday, 27 September 2015


As a great fan of American culture and art, it is truly sad that the world looks at United States not as the home of Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Stanley Kubrick, but as the home of the Bush and Clinton clans, Obama and Goldman Sachs. The latter with their aggresive evil kidnapped the US from those who made it famous in true fashion.


Recently Washington sent us yet another kodak moment - they said the Russian presence in Syria was potentially dangerous to the coalition fighting ISIS. The Russians on the other hand say they are in Syria to fight ISIS. An individual with an average mind would ask, why don't they join forces, but then again, we don't live in a normal world.

The real joke are the United States and their coalition. To ask a question that no one seems to be asking, have the Americans actually ever defeated anyone? You know, a victory after which the area, region or country is at peace, the enemy is completely defeated. Ah yes, you'd say, Saddam and Ghadafi, they sure defeated them, which is why this summer I had such a tough time deciding between a vacation to Iraq or Lybia?


If it wasn't for the two atomic bombs dropped on civilians in Japan (an actual war crime) they would have never defeated Japan. For Korea and Vietnam, what can you really say... Against the Serbs (country of 7m people), the Americans had 30 nations helping them, alone they would have embarrassed themselves.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda will disappear faster by themselves, like the dinosaurs. ISIS will be 'destroyed' over night, removed from the TV screens, replaced with some other nonsense, some other madeup group. ISIS will be destroyed only in the eyes of the stupid TV viewer, who instead of a functioning brain carries a chip.

In all fairness, with the Japanese the Americans really tried. With the Koreans and Vietnamese they went for it, however badly miscalculated their bravery which was a bit much for American taste.


How can a soldier brought up in a country that views a section of their own citizens as slaves be aware when they are commiting genocide over a specific nation or group of people or simply sense when people are fighting for their freedom? The Americans played a bit differently with the Serbs. Coerced the Europeans and others into joining them, some were promised big business deals if they can only remove Milosevic. The Serb leader exhausted the Serb army, wasn't very intelligent. He acted more like a South American pion then anything else. And he ended up like one, like a used condom.

The Americans learned their lesson from countless lost wars. Invited all of Western Europe to attack Serbia, hundreds of thousands of bombs were dropped, the Serbs were kicked out of Kosovo. The Americans finally managed to kick someone out and created the Republic of Bondsteel. All of its natural resources and a massive military base went to faces such as Wesley Clark, and Madeline Allbright. But what about the idiot Europeans who joined the Americans in bombing Serbia, what was their piece of the pie? As is always the norm, they received zilch, nada. You can't expect any sort of intelligence from people who were too lazy to join their ancestors across the Atlantic to commit genocide and pillage an entire continent. Laziness makes you dumb. 


Now, if Japan and Vietnam were real wars, and Serbia was a nice combination of war and propaganda, Al Qaea and ISIS is an expensive film/marketing spectacle for idiots. Otherwise, we'd have to admit that the United States has world's most incapable military machinery. Of course, Al Qaeda and ISIS are the children of CIA and Pentagon's hollywood department, coproduced by the Mossad. When The Guardian continues to write about the support the United States government gives to ISIS, it becomes clear that things are changing. When Washington speaks of support, they refer to the support from their home TV viewers with embedded chips, they also speak of support from leaders of failed vassal states, also known as useful idiots. In other words, the United States has no support. They would have to produce some new sh-t. Do not be surprised if ISIS becomes safe overnight, just like the ebola and disapears from the TV screens only to be replaced by new sh-t.


 Meanwhile, the idiot Europeans received another gift from the Americans. The Arab Slavs are on the move to populate white ancient Europe. 

Here in the Republic of US Embassy and EU Office, no one is sure when we'll remove our chips. We are still patients, rats in the lab of doctor Himler Bailey and Orav. 


We saw Zaev torture an entire country for months. Gruevski just legitimized everything that was banned by law.  Then we saw the latest stupidity from our boss Bailey who called us a multiethnic democracy. No one from our institutions asked Bailey what does that mean. In what dictionary or politicial science books is this defined?

Is the American democracy multuiethnic? Where in the world there is an ethnic democracy? But who would ask....//Aleksandar Rusjakov

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