VMRO Quits contacts with poet turned "mediator" Peter Van Houtte
Sunday, 21 February 2016


Peter Van Houtte was the anonymous Brussels resident that was sent to Macedonia to allegedly mediate a political crisis that was created solely by the US Embassy and countless of American and Soros financed NGOs following the Ukrainian recipe that included paying students, drug addicts, LGBT protesters to camp in front of the Government. The only thing missing was V. Nuland dishing out sandwiches.


The crisis was successfully created, Kumanovo did help, and the creators of the crisis hired themselves to resolve it in a way that best suits their geopolitical agenda.  First by installing an illegal prosecutor whose job was to hide the extent of the involvement of the US and British Embassy in the creation of the crisis, and second Peter Van Houtte was brought in to assist the SDSM in their quest to insert puppets in the Government and delay elections indefinitely while keeping SDSM MPs as Ministers.


The Brussels poet, Peter Van Houtte although sent as a "mediator" exhibited a surprisingly high level of intelectual disability. 

During countless inter-party meetings Van Houtte employed street-thug like manners when speaking to the ladies from the ruling Government, even told them to stop 'f-ing' at one point. He has consistently made disparaging remarks about Macedonia, had frequently met with the head of Soros NGOs even though his position was that of a neutral mediator. Soros' Open Society and Forum NGO are SDSM primary financiers.


His latest and his last mediation came by of a gun pointed at a cat, proclaiming that Macedonia can't have elections!

Van Houtte, who always appears to be one neuron short of a synapse is under the impression that the Macedonian Parliament is there just for giggles and that he and Jess Baily who calls himself the "international community" decide whether there will be elections! Considering how low Macedonia has sunk by allowing obscene levels of foreign meddling, perhaps it's fitting that a poet can decide if we can vote!


Not all is lost though. Good news from VMRO-DPMNE. The ruling party woke up this morning. It appears the 250th insult from Van Houtte did the trick for the largest political party in the country. They are cutting off all contact with Van Houtte.


Here is their statement sent out to Media:


- VMRO-DPMNE decided to no longer collaborate with Peter Van Houtte. The decision is based on his repeated insults towards VMRO-DPMNE, members of the party and continued disparaging remarks towards Macedonia and its citizens.


We have tolerated Peter Van Houtte's strange behaviour, mostly because after every insult, Mr. Van Houtte apologized to us in a kitten-like manner. Unfortunately, after each apology new insults and remarks against VMRO-DPMNE and the country followed. VMRO-DPMNE will no longer take part in any meetings that will be led by Peter Van Houtte. As far as VMRO-DPMNE is concerned, from this day forward, Peter Van Houte is considered a tourist and we highly recommend him visit the Museum of Macedonian History, concludes VMRO-DPMNE. //Marija Nikolovska


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