CNN: Australia building Border Fence with Slovenia
Monday, 29 February 2016

36 years since its founding, the US. based network still struggles with maps, countries, and sometimes 'news' in general.


 The most recent faux pas was with "Australia building a fence at the Slovenian border". Yes, Australia, a country some 4-5 thousand miles away from Slovenia, separated by oceans, having no land based neighbors...


CNN's editors, graphic designers, newsreaders all failed to see the error.

What our good friends at CNN meant to say is Austria, which borders Slovenia. Austria is building a fence. 


The US news network has done dozens of such mistakes over the years (speaking of Ukraine and showing India, speaking of France and showing Ukraine....), with no sign of ever improving.

Because of this, we strongly believe CNN ought to be issued an award when they point to the correct country on a map.


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