Croatian politicolog on Macedonian - Greece dispute
Saturday, 15 March 2008

Everyone speaks of primitive nationalistic ideas on the Balkans, which really do exist. The Serbian, Croatian, Macedonia, Albanian, however, no one speaks of the Greek primitive nationalism, which exists as much, if not more than the others and is part of the same syndrome.

You are not allowing a country to use its name, and the reason for it is because happened to be in institutions that allow it to do this. Said in Ohrid, famous Croatian Human Rights Attorney Zarko Puhovski. According to him, Croatia will get invitation to NATO at the Bucharest Summit.

There will be pressure on Albania to not help the Albanians in Kosovo on their Great Albania plans, and Macedonia may get modified name as a prerequisite not to be eliminated from its EU path.

"I am afraid and surprised by the naivness of Greek Government. Lets face it, Macedonians are not happy with Greeks for a long time. These people have always been Macedonians and have every right to be called it. However, lots of time and energy will be lost, and I am afraid that the Greek Government will create extreme nationalism with Macedonian youths for decades to come. Instead of creating a very good friend, Greece had created a very good enemy. Macedonia is sandwiched between Greek and Albanian Nationalism. Greece is sandwiched between Macedonian and Turkish nationalism."

Vladimir Milcin from the Open Society Institute is afraid that the upcoming few weeks, ahead of the NATO Summit, will turn into a real witch hunt in search for scapegoats. 

For the NATO Summit, it could be heard that Croatia is ahead of Macedonia on socio-economic development, while Macedonia was ahead from regional countries in respecting human rights.


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