Micov: Who is going to Lock Up Jess Baily?
Friday, 08 April 2016

I begin this column with one of our famous proverbs that says:

"Lock the priest to calm the village."

This proverb is relevant for anyone who feels like a cowboy sheriff who lives and works in a foreign country. Half a year before the arrival of Jess Bailey as an ambassador to Macedonia, members of the "Macedonian manifesto" declared him as unwanted.

The reason was Bailey's official agenda to work against the Macedonian identity and especially for changing the constitutional name. We all remember his face when he cruelly insulted Macedonians even during his nomination process as a potential ambassador to the country. On the other hand, Bailey came from the US embassy in Turkey, which was heavily involved in trying to remove the then Prime Minister and current President Erdogan. This diversion narrowly failed, and Deputy Ambassador Bailey was transferred to Macedonia to continue work on the same thing in which he failed in Ankara.

With his arrival in Skopje in February last year, Zaev begun with his "bombs", which were prepared in cooperation between the American and British embassies. The coup was prepared on May 18th, the so called Macedonian "Maidan" which was prevented by Macedonian policemen in Kumanovo ten days earlier. It was then that Baily lost his mind.


Because the terrorist attack in Kumanovo was the first huge failure of the US Saboteur Ambassador. Because the US embassy was instrumental in organizing the Macedonian "Maidan" which saw a large (much larger than reported) terrorist group be defeated. Among the dead terrorists were American and British soldiers from the NATO base in Kosovo. The four Americans and Brits had to be hidden from the press, hence the lower body count a week later. As a first step to take revenge, the American and British ambassadors instead of imediately being locked up and kicked out of the country, they issued an ultimatum to immediately fire MoI Minister Jankulovska and UBK chief Mijalkov. Soon after, Baily begun his second initiative, which as we all know was the Przino agreement.

Bailey's successes in breaking the Macedonian state and its institutions came not only from his activity and the participation of our bought opposition and Soros NGOs, but also by a generally mistaken and flawed tactics of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE. This flawed tactic began in the beginning of 2015 and was cemented in July after it allowed the US Embassy and the opposition to do as they please. 

Why the appeasement?

On the one hand, because of American pressures as a result of alleged wiretapped conversations of alleged crime and alleged election irregularities. This type of US strategy is well known and dates back decades. Its two trump cards which it uses to stage coups around the world are: alleged crime and alleged human rights violations. When the Americans fail to take down a government by paying off the opposition, then Washington goes for plan B which is "bombing civilians to save them" (Iraq, Syria, Afgahnistan). The irony of course is that the world leader in committed crimes and human rights violations - the US, is lecturing others on the subject.

In other words, the ruling VMRO-DPMNE gave in to US blackmail, but on the other hand, with the Przino agreement, the coalition government had a chance to show the incompetence of SDSM to govern. True, a few months later it became perhaps too evident that the SDSM has no capacity to be in power - because of the absolute incompetence of Spasovski, Remenski and four deputy ministers, but also because of their treachery in terms of our national and state interests. With its utterly wrong tactic, the VMRO-DPMNE through the Przino agreement encouraged all enemies of Macedonia - both external and internal.

Many people in the Macedonian state institutions are still unaware of the purpose of the United States.

And their goals as I have stated before are quite simple: Destruction of Macedonian identity and state for the benefit of its neighbors. 

Therefore, the tactics of the VMRO-DPMNE must turn 190 degrees. No ridiculous giving in that for months have infuriated the  Macedonian public and make them doubt the patriotism of the leaders of the ruling party. We need and expect ferocious performance in all directions. At the very beginning it was clear that the illegitimate and anti constitutional Public Prosecution, led by US financed opposition wants to prevent the participation of the leaders of VMRO-DPMNE in future elections. Realizing they can't prevent the ruling party from participating in elections, Janeva was instructed at a 'minimum' to remove from power Gruevski, Mijalkov, Jankulovska and others.

The rationale is the same as in other countries - Venezuela, Brazil ... where the United States spends hundreds of millions on the opposition - crime. Because elections were postponed on April 24 - the puppet Prosecution can not bring the opposition to power. Compared with Venezuela where the opposition is already in charge, in Brazil where President Rousseff can be removed any day, the Macedonian people know that the alleged crime is only a "fairy tale" to destroy the Macedonian name and state. Currently the road to destruction passes through removing VMRO-DPMNE from power, or deforming it in some fashion, and ensuring the prevention of Gruevski's return as prime minister.

For this reason, the opposition wishes for a "grand coalition" - a treasonous coalition similar to the one in 2001. Therefore we have witnessed numerous attempts to somehow lower the rating of the ruling party, the frequent visits of the illegal prosecution team to the US Embassy, ​​and the open ultimatums by Bailey who just two days ago suggested "this is a good time to change Macedonia's name", of course when there is no Government in place. 

These days Bailey and the US Embassy work to discredit VMRO-DPMNE and its leaders, blackmailing them into submission, pitting them one against another. The goal is before, during and after the elections for the party to be weakend and more accepting of US geo political and business ambitions. Bailey is honest when he says that "the US is frustrated that Macedonia's road to NATO isn't faster." The US is indeed frustrated because the Macedonian people have dignity and fight for their identity, name and culture.  In the past, Americans were recepients of the Cuban and Vietnamese syndrome/frustration. Soon, they will experience the Macedonian syndrome. But for this purpose, the following things are required:

1. The ruling party must go to elections homogeneous and firm and not give in to US blackmail of more "victims". Keep in mind the ultimate goal is for them to remove Gruevski, just as they have done in the past to those who defended Macedonian national interests.   

2. Remove the illegal (parallel) special prosecution office. The Constitutional Court must finally gather the courage that it has so far been missing and rule that the SPO office is anti-constitutional.

3. Ali Ahmeti is correct when he stated the Przino agreement has been compromised. It was compromised right after its signaning by delaying elections and continuing to release wiretapped material. Ali Ahmeti put his emphasis in the word "compromised", but it also provides an opportunity of VMRO-DPMNE to suspend it.

4. Parliament speaker Veljanovski to dismiss Parliament on April 7 and simultaneously announce the date of elections. So called "voters List" which is perfectly clear cannot be more important than the laws. The party that does not wish to participate on the June 5th elections, it's their problem.

As for the saboteur ambassador, there are enough people in the US administration that can take care of him. //Stefan Micov Vlahov

- Stefan Micov Vlahov is famous Macedonian author, philosopher and publicist who has written numerous books on Macedonia, the Balkans


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