Colorful Luxury - Money earned from SDSM & Soros protests spent on Weekend Getaways
Monday, 25 April 2016

 SDSM activists and Soros mercenaries are spending their week-days earned money by throwing paint in their fake colorful revolution, while the weekend is filled with spending the money on a real colorful luxury.


Katerina Canevska, a former A1 journalist now works for the SDSM mayor in Centar, Andrej Zernovski. She is often seen during protests, however her weekend is filled with leisure, traversing Istanbul.


Borjan Jovanovski, an SDSM journalist who a year ago bought himself a funeral arrangement trying to pin it on the ruling Government as a "death threat" and was caught in the process, is spending his weekend in Brussels after a deserved break from organizing SDSM and Soros activists the week before.


Numerous SDSM and Soros activists have posted photos on social media of making exotic trips during the weekends. 










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