The "Manual" given to paid SDSM and Soros activists
Tuesday, 26 April 2016

 GROM leader, Stevco Jakimovski at a press conference showed the Macedonian public the "Manual" that are brought in and given to SDSM and Soros activists. 


"This paint throwing and portrait showing protesters are being gathered, organized and told what to do by Soros financed NGO. The manual itself was created by Belgrade based Canvas (CIA backed coup school), which is the only non-islamic terrorirst organization to be banned in dozens of countries. The manuals themselves are printed and financed by the Soros foundation" says Jakimovski.





These so called "protesters" are nothing but paid agitatorators. The finances for this enters Macedonia through NGOs, something with which the Macedonian public is very aware. These ridiculous "protests" are not protests or some citizen movement, rather an imported paid for attempt at destabilization" said Jakimovski. 



During the so called protests, Jakimovski further stressed that protesters are dressed precisely as the manual entitled "Canvas Core Curriculum" tells them to. "The paint, the dress code, the mirrors, the ridiculous decor, the portraits of politicians, it's all from the manual", says Jakimovski.




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