Soros has dished out 5.3m Euros for Macedonia "colorful protests"
Friday, 20 May 2016
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Soros has financed Macedonia's protests with at least 5.3m euros in an attempt to bring about regime change of democratically elected Government - reports NetPress.  The 5.3m euros are just an official number available in Open Society's accounting, the actual amount is likely much higher, reports Netpress in its analysis.

Individuals who have received money are SDSM MPs, lawyers, judges, journalists, professors, self proclaimed activists etc. Their main duties are to create a twisted picture of the situation of the country, to deepen the crisis with the ultimate goal is to insert SDSM in the Government without elections.


According to NetPress, SDSM MPs have received millions of denars deposited to their Banking accounts just in the past two years. 


Soros Open Society budget of 5.3m euros in its entirety has been spent on "donations" to dozens of ficticious NGOs who are set up in a pyramid-like structure whos main purpose is to serve as quantity to showcase sheer nummbers, but more importantly, through these ficticious NGOs money is wired to the accounts of Soros bots and SDSM activists involved in the painting campaign. 


There are a total of 77 such ficiticious NGOs who exists only on paper, with Open Society overseeing them all. SDSM signed a cooperation agreement with Open Society, as a result much of the SDSM demands matched closely those of Open Society and by default those of the US, reports NetPress.

Лидија Димова на протестите во Скопје

Hundreds of individuals have received substantial amounts for their involvement in the protests. Lets start with current SDSM MPs.

SDSM MP Lidija Dimova (shown above), member of the SDSM team for Eurointegrations has received 137,808 monthly salary for 2014, in addition to 136,063 net/month deposited by a ficticious NGO called "Macedonian Center for European Education", an NGO financed 100% by Open Society. The irony is, Lidija Dimova was MCEO's first president. Essentially Lidija Dimova from MCEO is transferring money to Lidija Dimova from SDSM.

Mrs. Dimova became famous for requesting from official Brussels in 2012 to stop IPA fund payments to Macedonia. 


Сопругот на поранешната пратеничка на СДСМ Маринела Тушева, Бојан Маричиќ бил вработен во Фондацијата СОРОС а сега е извршен директор на МЦЕО

The current president of MCEO is Bojan Marichikj, the husband of former SDSM MP Marinela Tusheva. Marichikj worked at Soros Open Society before being sent to MCEO. In 2014, Marichikj, received an astonishing net of 1,252,789 denars. Last year he netted another 860,000 denars. From another Soros NGO called "NVO Info Center" he received additional 57,800 denars/month.


На списокот е и поранешниот министер на СДСМ, и кандидат за претседател Љубомир Фрчковски.


Ljubomir Frckovski and his daughter Leni Frchkovska who works at Soros financed "Libertas" portal, are frequently the receipients of few hundred euros numerous times a month. The money comes in once again fromt the Macedonian Center for European Education, and other well known Soros NGO - Forum which played an important role with USAid in covering the expenses for protesters to undergo training from Belgrade based thugs and CIA financed Canvas.


Former SDSM minister Gjuner Ismail and his daughter Sonja Ismail have both received money from Forum: Gjuner saw his bank account increase by 390,000 denars whereas Sonja received 450,000 denars last year. She was at the forefront of leading the protests.


SDSM MP Mila Carovska shown above working up protesters has received 832,000 denars in 2014 and 592,000 denars in 2015 from a Soros funded NGO calling itself "Hera". As we mentioned there are 77 of these and the reason why you haven't heard of them is because they are ficticious and are used simply for payment purposes.


Recent SDSM interim Minister Frosina Remenski was a recepient of a monthly stipend of 5,869 denars from NGO Info Center.  Her colleague and former SDSM vice president Gordan Georgiev too received a monthly stipend fron Info Center in the amount of 16,800 denars. 


caca nikolovska (1)

 SDSM's Renata Deskovska also received a monthly stipend from Soros in the amount of 3,333 denars/month. Despite being an MP, a professor she got money from Soros too.


filip Medarski

Zaev's attorney is on the list of Soros financed individuals. Filip Medarski has received a monthly stipend from Soros in the amount of 19,675 denars from the NGO calling itself Young Macedonian Attorneys association.


Medarski's family is quite famous for their nepotism in the Macedonian juidicial system.  Medarski's mother is a prosecutor in Skopje, while Medarski's wife Sofija Medarska is a judge in Skopje Court II. She on the other hand is the daughter of Riste Spasov, the Court Secretary. This means Filip Medarski's mother will prosecute you, while his wife will sentence you.


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