Zaev and Bailey will not recognize Brexit vote
Saturday, 25 June 2016


Preliminary analysis has yet to show the real reasons for the Brits quiting the EU, however more and more looks like Albanian PM Edi Rama seems to be the culprit. The man put it succintly: We curse you not to leave the EU! Rama sent that message to the country which started their exit campaign with the message "Just wait and see what happens when Albania, Serbia and Macedonia enter the EU". Cameron and Corbyn ran around the UK, one Labour MP was killed, Hitler and the Nazis were invoked, no pensions, the collapse of the sterling pound, migrants, war... everything possible and impossible was utilized by Cameron to ensure the Brits get beyond scared and vote to remain in the UK. In the end, Edi Rama opened his mouth and the UK quit.


It was a narrow vote, 3-4% diference, but the mistake was simple enough, similar plea to the UK to stay in the EU was not sent from Macedonia.

Bailey and Orav should have gathered the "fantastic four" - Thaci, Ahmeti, Gruevski and Zaev, (because the Macedonian Government or president can't do it since they are not credible) and send a certified letter to the British public: "We, the leaders of four political parties in Macedonia, with our negotiators "beeeep and beeeep" are asking you to stay in the EU, because there is no other alternative. Create yourself a Przino agreement, put together a framework agreement but make sure you remove the name of the previous country because this agreement has been circularted to few dozen countries, get your cool reference at the UN, change your flag, the Constitution, then your name, but please don't leave the EU".

This letter would have certainly did the job.


Don't despair. We can still do something today. At a first look, this referendum did not look credible to us. Many of the voters seemed to have lacked credibility. BBC reported that farmers, imagine that, farmers voted to leave the EU! Frankly, should farmers be allowed to vote? Jessica Bailey is already looking into this. The referendum wasn't credible because of a convenient murder of a Labor MP that took place just days before the vote. The UK media was not balanced. All of the major printed and online media: BBC, SkyNews, ITV.... were 99.6% pro EU  in their reporting and were backing Cameron, while the small media who ought to be selling tampon ads, showed their support for Boris Johnson.


On top of all this, Soros warned the UK to stay at home and not vote, or if they did vote, to vote for the EU. And the British ignored Soros. Can a vote be credible if you ignore CIA stooge George Soros?

Where was the colored revolution, where were the condoms? Where was your John Zaev to show up with CIA wire tapped conversations and postpone the referendum? Why didn't the US Ambassador sit down with Cameron, I am sure that would have worked. There wouldn't have been a referendum and the UK was still going to be a part of the EU. But this, what kind of unacceptable atmosphere was this, without negotiators?


Who vetted the voters list? The UK has 46m voters, but 65 million citizens. Obviously, they are missing 7-8m voters. This means the voter list is not credible. Where was John Zaev checking every home in the UK to make sure they can vote? If you don't do this, you can't have credible referendum. I suggest you take 2-3-4 years to clear up your voter list, because clearly you have phantom voters who were removed back in February, according to one of UK's Ministers. But were they all removed? This vote has no credibility.


Then it rained. How can you have credible vote when it's raining outside? Jessica Bailey better be looking into this.

And then, it was the counting. The votes were not counted in the location where the vote took place. There is no comparing of the voters list with the number of votes and putting a report together. None of this is done. Instead, the votes were dumped in some sort of Gym and they count them. The UK could have requested experts from DUI. When DUI counts votes they win in Zajas with 100-0. Because DUI is pro EU, this is a ok. Or you could have taken someone from Strumica. Zaev would have counted the pro EU votes, and the leave EU votes would be disqualified. That's how you count votes, not the nonsense we saw in the UK. No credibility whatsoever.


Now what is our Government going to do after the UK quit the EU? How many MPs are going to cut their veins? How can someone leave the EU when our 3rd rate politicians are telling us there is not an alternative to the EU? Something doesnt't seem to add up.

But if we look at the Brexit slightly on the serious side, one can see that the EU became a bureaucratic monster dominated by an economical giant with no political power - Germany.

 However, Berlin is detesting this new role and is seeking to cooperate more with Moscow. As a matter of fact, an old dream for the Germans is their economical projection towards the East, which is currently prevented by Washington.


At the same time, Russia's natural move for safety purposes is to ensure their border with Europe is deep into the West. This was the first reason why the then USSR moved into Poland and Czechoslovakia, communist ideology has very little to do with it. In other words, both countries are naturally enclined towards each other. They can be at war like in WW2, or to fully cooperate much to the benefit of both countries and its people. Should Germany, as the current EU leader start moving towards East, it will pull the rest of the EU with it. Merkel received the first message with the Greek crisis. Germany spent billions to keep Athens in the EU and maintain the stability of the euro currency. 


Now, the situation was perceived as needing a major crisis and the EU  was delivered a massive hit. Namely, the EU was not created to disobey London and Washington. Just the opposite, it was created to be completely subservient and obedient to Washington and London. If Washington wants sanctions, Merkel cannot be explaining that "Northern Stream 2" is an economical project beneficial for Germany that must be followed through. If it's not beneficial for Washington, it doesn't matter if it's beneficial for Berlin. So the EU headed by Germany started showing signs of a disobedient kid who should be going away, and going away it is. 


In the end, maybe there is a simpler reason why the UK left the EU, could it be neocon Victoria's Nuland curse "F*** the EU"? //Darko Janevski


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