Terror as Business: Nuland, Bailey, Hoyt Yee and Haindl
Monday, 18 July 2016


 The world is witnessing chaos unfolding in Turkey for three days now, but lets not forget the chaos in Ukraine, Lybia, Iraq and the bloodiest of them all, Syria.

As the above mentioned nations were plunged in what can only be described as "business terrrorism" Turkey saw the same scenario that was implemented elsewhere. The same scenario, the same template, the same people.

American ambassador Jess Bailey was in Turkey, Johannes Haindl was in Ukraine, Brian Hoyt Yee was in Iraq and Syria, while the entire group is managed by the same neocon - Victoria Nuland.


In each country the same players were used. The opposition was ready to sell out their country so they can grab power. In Iraq, Lybia and Ukraine this scenario worked quite well, citizens firing on police. Thanks to Polish snipers hired and brought to Kiev, a typical protest turned into a civil war with Ukraine losing its  international standing, its dignity and territory. 


The Ukrainian opposition "came to power", however it has no power. It is the US Ambassador in Ukraine who is in complete control of the country, so much so, Prime Ministers and Ministers are replaced with a simple phone call. The former boxing champ and the king of chocolate can't even go to the bathroom without blessing from the US.


In Syria, the same template was used. The opposition was led out to protest, were told to attack and provoke the police (see Macedonia), expecting a harsh response from Assad, so the business terrorsits can have a reason to ask for a 'foreign intervention'. However, Assad did not fall for it, as a result the US simply announced it will arm the opposition against Assad. And so it happened, terrorists were armed, brought in and hired from 40 foreign nations to bring down Assad.

Today, the US is allegedly fighting against the very terrorists they are arming (ISIS, Al Nusra and other 'moderates').


Two days ago, we saw a second coup initiated by the US in Turkey. The first started during the massive protests in 2013 at Taxim square, when Bailey was an ambassador to Ankara.

Turkish politicians, known for keeping their cool, lost it when Ankara Mayor, the Justice and Labour Ministers publicly stated the US is behind the deadly coup. The Labour Minister went further in his interview for CNN Turk stating the Coup was organized and directed by the US and the sole reason for it is Erdogan's apology to Moscow and the mending of their ties.

Good relations between Russia and Turkey means an end to US influence is SE Europe. As a result, the US rushed to replace Erdogan, however, always seem to forget about one thing - the people's support for their elected leaders.


All of these scenarios have already been seen, and most were successful. 

In Macedonia, the business terrorists hit a snag. 

Three months ago Macedonian media reported that the US was preparing a coup in the country. This information was first reported by M. Nedelkovski, and today it has been confirmed.


Knowing that Gruevski is well respected and loved in the country, the Americans cleverly decided if they arrest the leader, people will go out in the streets and will first take care of the home grown traitors and later an attack on some Western Embassies was not excluded.


This would leave the door open for foreign intervention and a forceful change of regime replaced by one that will be subservient to their bosses in Washington (see Ukraine).

This in turn would guarantee American plans to completely close off any Russian and Chinese investment in the Balkans, which was always the number one priority for Washington.


 The US plan was quite evil, but very precise. They waited for two judges to appear at Skopje Court 1 around noon. Both judges are known for having very close relationship with the SDSM and the US Embassy.


Two US implants Mitko Burchevski and Kristina Karanakova (currently liaison between US Embassy and SPO) would be present at the Court to coordinate the appearance of Zaev's angels (Beyonce, Fatime, Lenche) in a dramatic press conference to announce the SPO case nicknamed "Teflon". 

Teflon is a fabricated case against Nikola Gruevski, however for the US, the case had nothing to do with law or evidence, instead it was designed to provoke the population. 


SDSM's interim MoI Oliver Spasovski already issued an order to his orde to arrest Gruevski while he was on his way to the office. 

 Within half an hour Gruevski would be brought in front of those two judges (sponsored by the US) who would detain Gruevski.

Despite the submission of formal complaints to the Court, the coup would be already done.

One must admit, this was well planned.


However, one quiet man was already aware of the US plans for coup. That man is our president, Gjorgje Ivanov. He absolved all politicians and businessmen, once the coup was prevented, he removed his order.

Instead, he allowed everyone who thinks they have done nothing wrong to send a request for removal of pardons. So far, Zaev is the only politician who has not requested his pardon be rescinded.

And so the US plan for coup similar to Ukraine, Syria, Turkey was stopped. The stories how Gruevski played with the Russians and Chinese and had a fight with the Americans are pure nonsense by the USAid and Soros controlled opposition. To them, it is unclear how is it possible for one man to outwit an empire of chaos without ever saying anything about them, either directly or indirectly.,

Now the Macedonian opposition (Jess Bailey), Orav and the rest of the western trash are seeking the same conditions right before their failed "Teflon" project. Bailey is seeking once again an SDSM Minister of Interior with full rights (last time 400 policemen were demoted).


However, this time (hopefully) the VMRO-DPMNE is saying - no. After seeing why the SDSM needs to control the police: arresting mayors without Court orders, demoting high profile inspectors, promoting friends, assisting colorful condoms in their protests...

A new law was introduced in which a temporary minister can't have complete control of the police.

All in all, the Empire of chaos was defetead by Macedonia, by one man. But as in Turkey's example, the US doesn't give up easily, as Velinovska stated, the Americans are losing control all over the world and this is the time when they are at their most dangerous, just like a wounded animal. //Gorazd Velkovski & InfoMax


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