On a Leash: US Embassy sends threats via SMS to Albanian MPs to vote for Law
Sunday, 24 July 2016


"Albania's Parliament ratified the constitutional changes which pave the way for implementing new reforms into the Judicial system. In fact, all 140 MPs voted for these changes, including Socialist MP Armando Prenga who was already suspended from Parlaiment and banned from his party, not to mentioned under house arrest for shooting and injuring a person" reported Tirana daily 'Panorama'.


The vote happened one day after over a dozen MPs received what can be described as threatening SMS from the US Embassy:


- Dear Sir. We're expecting you at our Embassy tomorrow to inform you of the consequences if you don't vote for the Judicial reforms - says in the SMS.


It's the wild wild west, according to Albanian media. 


- "Although there was pressure from the EU, the US in particularly crossed all lines of diplomacy and essentially threatened the MPs into voting for the Judicial changes. 

 Albanian MPs once again showed they can't find a joint language on any issue until they are coerced by the West in doing so", concludes Panorama.



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