Marriage Proposal, the Romanian way
Monday, 15 August 2016


 Three fake policemen, parked in a fake police van with guns drawn illegally stop a freightened Romanian woman in the city of Brasov. They pull her from her vehicle and push her to the ground. 


The three fake cops are actually part of a poorly planned marriage proposal 'brilliantly' envisioned by their friend and husband to be Vlad.

The fake cops are telling the young woman they must inspect the vehicle and asked her whether she knew Vlad. Now, this woman is a keeper, as she doesn't answer if she knows Vlad. Though she could be shocked from the guns pointed at her.


Then they take her to the trunk, where Vlad, the master planner and her future husband to be awaits with a ring asking her for her life in marriage.


She said YES, but again, the guns did appear to help.


Guys, this is what all women want, marriage proposal 101. It's shocking this is not an Olympic event, Romanians would do very well.



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