Strange Olympic wrestling match ends with coaches stripping in protest
Sunday, 21 August 2016

After a controversial bronze medal wrestling match in Rio, Mongolian coaches protested their disappointing result by stripping off their clothes.

The 65 kilograms freestyle wrestling match between Mongolia's Mandakhnaran Ganzorig and Uzbekistan's Ikhtiyor Navruzov initially ended with a score of 7-6 in favor of Ganzorig on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Mongolia ended up losing the hard-fought bronze medal after the decision was challenged by Navruzov, citing that the Mongolian athlete began celebrating with about 10 seconds left in the match rather than continuing the match with his opponent.

Judges ended up ruling in favor of Uzbekistan, who took home the bronze instead.

The Mongolian coaches, Byambarenchin Bayoraa and Tsenrenbataar Tsostbayar, understandably, were upset with this decision.

Instead of walking away, they expressed their grief by refusing to leave the mat and taking off their clothes in protest. Tsostbayar stripped down all the way to his underwear.

When tensions are running high, sometimes you just have to do anything to release your emotions. Occasionally, that involves tearing off your shirt.

The coaches' protest immediately elevated them to folk-hero status. The audience started shouting "Mongolia! Mongolia!"

Ganzorig sat and rolled on the mat, looking shocked and deeply disappointed at the decision.

The coaches had to be escorted off the mat by Brazilian national police, according to The Washington Post. The audience cheered for them as they left.

Ganzorig might not have won a medal, but at least he inspired one of the most surreal moments of the Rio Olympics.


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