Turkish Ref helps Albania get all three points
Monday, 05 September 2016
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Skadar: Macedonia opened up their World qualification group against Albania in Skadar earlier this evening.

The 'joker' of the match was Egzijat Alioski who got in the first team at the expense of Ivan Trickovski.

Albania showed early on their trip to the European championship was no fluke. Superb and quick passes overwhelmed Macedonia's defense early on. Unfortunately for the 200 Macedonian fans at the Loro Borici arena  one such attack resulted in a lead for Albania via Armando Sadiku who received a deep ball and despite being outnumbered skillfully turned around and slotted the ball near the right hand post, past the outstretched Zahov.


1-0 remained the half time score.

Later on, Macedonia tied the result, via Angelovski's x-man Egzijat Alioski who thanks to an errant pass by Albania's defense the speedy Alioski gathered the ball, passed his defender with ease and sent a powerful shot past Albania's goalkeeper who had no chance.


Right after Alioski's goal, a sprinkling rain begun to settle over Loro Borici's stadium. Not many expected that the few sprinkles will develop into an absolute deluge which turned the pitch into a lake.


At that point, Turkish referee Gocek interrupted the match and ordered the players to leave the field. As the rain onslaught continued, it appeared highly unlikely that the Turkish referee will send the teams back onto the pitch to finish the match.


 MINA's contact in UEFA stated the match will be completed tomorrow. If the conditions at Loro Borici are not satsfactory, the match will be played at a different field, however within a 100km radius.


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Update: Macedonia is coming back from Albania with no points, after the host team scored in the 89th minute via Balaj. Previously, Shikov found himself in front of the Albanian goal with empty net. As he went to pounce the ball he was brought down from behind, however the Turkish referee who was just few steps away saw nothing and let the play resume. See for yourself.


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