Hotel hires someone to watch Northern Lights
Monday, 12 September 2016

Finnish hotel Arctic Snow Hotel located in the city of Rovaniemi has employed a person who will stay awake at night to watch for the emergence of Aurora Borealis, National Geographic reported.

The night watch is supposed to observe the night sky and wake up the hotel's guests when he or she sees the northern lights appearing. "We have now hired a person for northern lights night watch," a statement on the official Facebook page of the hotel said. "Thank you for your applications and interest towards working with us.


From now on, guests staying in glass igloos have an opportunity to use the Aurora alarm. They will hear a special signal in their igloos as soon as northern lights start moving across the sky. The service is available throughout the winter season from 23:30 to 6:30. According to the hotel's website, the Aurora alarm can be ordered at the reception anytime.


The service is included in the room rate, so visitors won't have to pay any extra fees.


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