Serbia's PM a marked man after he ordered the arrest of Coup plotters
Thursday, 03 November 2016


 In their effort to investigate the assassination attempt on Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic, police last night discovered an abandoned vehicle (Renault Megane) in New Belgrade packed with explosives, RPGs, sniper rifles and ammo. 


The vehicle was stolen back in January, police is investigating whether this is one of the vehicles which was planned on being utilized for an attack on Vucic and his motorcade. In addition to this vehicle, a house near Vucic's home was also packed with tnt explosives and activation electronics, heavy duty RPGs and other weapons.


Is the assassination attempt on Vucic connected to the arrest of numerous Serbian agents who are believed to have assisted the CIA and MI6 in plotting a coup remains to be seen.  

The investigation is ongoing.


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