Londonners unhappy with Norwegian Christmas Tree
Friday, 02 December 2016
© ishbel74
This year’s lighting ceremony on London’s Trafalgar Square has left some people saying, “Bah, Humbug!” as they took to Twitter to blast the newly unveiled Christmas tree and compare it to a number of distinctive curve shaped vegetables.

The Norwegian spruce tree is the 69th tree gifted to Britain from the city of Oslo since 1947, when the annual tradition began as a memento of lasting gratitude for the support Britain gave Norway during the Second World War.


 The Twitterati pulled no punches, with one user slamming the Christmas tree as an “illuminated cucumber” while another coined the phrase “gherkin draped in lights.” A less-mainstream opinion said it actually resembled a cactus.


While last year’s tree was perhaps more traditional in shape, many other people still embraced the unique tree donated by Norway and encouraged others to soak up the generous festive spirit.


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