Is there a Pilot in the Macedonian plane?
Friday, 02 December 2016

 Pre-election idiotism for cantonizing Macedonia and introducing a second language for a minority that's barely 16 percent of the population spiced up with federalization, then followed by independent villages and cities - joined by UCK's Ali Ahmeti who's made a habit of changing internal borders and setting up flags of foreign country within Macedonia, is already becoming a non-paper even though we have still not held the elections.


A question for our law professors at "Justinian I", MPs, all of the various self declared experts and lastly, the president of the country Gjorgje Ivanov and the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski: do they plan on stopping Zoran Zaev, the foreign controlled political hybrid? Is there a law in our legal framework or the constitution itself for jailing this mental case and his assistants for continued work against the country's territorial integrity, treason, terrorism, threatening citizens, inviting NATO occupation.... the list is endless! Is there a legal framework to revoke his citizenship and ship him out to his sponsors?


Or do we plan on playing Przino Stand up Theater post elections once again? All Macedonian citizens are tired of the politically correct statements by our so called politicians who have turned out to be gutless amateurs.

What guarantees do we have that our "leadership" will not once again negotiate our votes under pressure from few foreign embassies? 

VMRO-DPMNE makes no guarantees that they will be strong, or will have some sort of red line after they win 63MPs. They have already proved they can't handle any sort of pressure and quickly and repeatedly have succumbed to a guy who can't properly pronounce half of the alphabet, yes Bailey, it's you.


Hybrid Zaev supported by the US and Brussels ("our good intentioned partners"), wants to turn Macedonia into a Switzerland in the Balkans. We already have Switzerland in the Balkans, it's called Bosnia. The only difference is that Bosnia is a confederation of lawlesness created by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, nearly 20 years ago with the Dayton agreement. To this day, Bosnia is a failed state, where foreigners appoint Governors to manage their creation - that's the model Zaev has been told to sell here.


Zaev first described the cantonization of Macedonia as regional caliphats, then approximately ten seconds later in his speech to the Albanian diaspora in Switzerland, he described it as village and city federalization where each village and city will have their own foreign policy. You can find pretty much anything in the crazy head of his. 


Not all is bad. The monstrosity called DUI which were inserted in the Macedonian Government by the US State Department in 2001 have been weakened significantly. The umbrella is folding, many of the terror sponsoring wings within the CIA and the State Department are being replaced. DUI was nothing, but a tool, a device that the US State Department used repeatedly to destabilize Macedonia. The Brussels eurocrats were simply useful idiots in the process. Now this sponsor is fading away. With changes in US foreign policy, changes of priorities, the upcoming census whether DUI likes it or not, the UCK political wing, will be forced to re-do their politics...


In the end, the question remains. Does Macedonia have a law, or laws that will jail Zaev and his assistants, and ban the SDSM from taking part in any political process for openly working against Macedonia. Is there a pilot in the plane called Macedonia? //Gorazd Velkovski


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