Killer Solo: Musician turns Guitar into a Shotgun
Tuesday, 06 December 2016

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A guitarist in Indiana put on an explosive performance when his custom-made shotgun guitar fired at a target mid-solo. Reverend Peyton showcased his guitar skills playing the three-stringed “Guitgun.”


The guitar was made by pick-up designer Bryan Fleming who gave it to Peyton, an expert in playing different instruments, according to Guitar World.

 As can be seen in the video, Peyton plays the guitar before stopping to shoot a target perched on a tree stump. He then continues playing.


Peyton is fond of guitars, guns and fishing – judging by his Instagram. He also heads the ‘Big Damn Band’, a country blues group. He has not said if he plans to use the Guitgun in any of his shows, or play ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ on it.


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