CIA Agent Sent To Kill Castro Had Secret Love Child Instead!
Thursday, 08 December 2016

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Fidel Castro fathered a secret love child with a CIA operative dispatched to assassinate him — but instead of killing the Cuban strongman, she became the “spy who really loved him!”

Just days after the dictator’s death, double agent Marita Lorenz has revealed intimate details of their forbidden affair, and her shocking betrayal of her American handlers to in a blockbuster exclusive interview.

In yet another bombshell, 77-year-old Marita has claimed their child — who she thought she’d lost during her pregnancy — is alive and well, and living in Cuba!

“I had a forbidden love child with Fidel Castro!” Marita told Radar.

“The CIA and FBI wanted me to believe that Fidel killed our son, Andre, but that was a lie.”

She claimed Castro — who died at the age of 90 on Nov. 25 — reunited her with Andre in Cuba in 1981, and “he looked exactly like me and Fidel!”

As for botching the assassination plot, Marita told Radar: “Fidel gave me no reason to kill him! I loved him!”

The Cold War drama that earned Marita the nickname “Fidel’s Mata Hari” began when her father, a commercial ship captain, dropped anchor in Havana harbor with his daughter on board in February 1959 — one month after the Cuban revolution.

Castro visited the ship, and Marita fell head over heels: “First of all, I was very young and Fidel was tall and handsome,” Marita gushed. “When I first laid eyes on him, I was instantly attracted. We kissed between two lifeboats on the top deck….I was totally in love.”

After a flurry of telephone calls, Marita returned to Cuba, and moved into Castro’s penthouse apartment at the Havana Hilton. She was pregnant within weeks.

But seven months into her pregnancy, Marita claimed the CIA poisoned her, and her fetus was aborted. She was flown back to New York City to recuperate.

She woke up surrounded by FBI and CIA agents who blamed Castro for her unborn child’s death. They persuaded her to return to Castro, and poison him with arsenic pills.

“They wanted to neutralize him, eliminate him because he was turning communist and he was infiltrating the U.S. with communists,” recalled Marita.

She reluctantly agreed to kill her lover. But Marita was so terrified that customs agents at the Havana airport would discover the arsenic pills that she hid in a jar of cold cream — and they were partially disintegrated when she got to the hotel.

“I was young, “said Marita. “I cried about the whole damn thing. I cried about loving Fidel, losing him and being in this position!”

Her love story didn’t end there. Marita — who lives in Brooklyn — told Radar she returned to Cuba in 1981, and Castro introduced their grown son. She claimed he told her in broken English: “There is nothing wrong with the baby. The baby is a big boy now.”


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