US Ambassador gets another warning from Macedonian citizens
Saturday, 17 December 2016


The US Ambassador's welcome in Macedonia appears to be running out. 

More protests in front of the SEC Office are clearly tailored against the American continued meddling in Macedonia's elections.

Protesters carried banners suggestive of Bailey's involvement in destabilizing the country which at this point is not secretive, as the last meeting between Jess Bailey and VMRO-DPMNE clearly showed.

The ruling Government in a meeting with the US Ambassador last night, essentially told Jess Bailey that yes he is interfering and attempting to undermnine Macedonia's democratic process and yes he has stepped way over the boundaries of what a foreign diplomat can do, and yes he is no longer welcome in the country.

Many of the protesters showed negative messages aimed at Bailey, while few others showed support for US president elect Donald Trump. It's no secret that huge majority of Macedonian-Americans (if not all) supported Trump for the US presidency.

It is not expected for Bailey to remain much longer in Macedonia, certainly not past March.

The spat is growing on daily basis not just between ordinary Macedonians, but by politicians and the US Embassy.

The US Ambassador did ask the ruling Government to explain what they meant by "external interference".  Following diplomatic protocols, the VMRO-DPMNE explained (correctly) to Bailey that he is not important enough, nor is he a Macedonian citizen to get a response.

But this is where we come in, to explain to Bailey what VMRO-DPMNE meant.

The US Embassy has been directly involved first in a coup in 2014 by way of a wiretapping scandal already seen in 2001 as a way to overhrow a legitimate Governnment. The Macedonian police has evidence of the US Embassy involvement in the terrorist attack in Kumanovo whose goal was to quickly destabilize the country.  When that didn't succeed, the US Embassy assisted by USAid engaged in financing and outright organizing of months long protests to unseat the Governnent.

Four times in the past two years, the State Department and American based "NGOs" affiliated with the CIA sent millions of dollars to SDSM and SDSM run "NGOs" which were wired through countries such as Lebanon, Bulgaria, Kuwait even Palestine, apparently in an effort to obfuscate the source. Over 30 million dollars were spent bribing voters, there was massive stuffing of ballot boxes in western villages by Kosovo citizens whose transport on the eve of the elections was organized by the US Embassy in Prishtina.

This is what the Government meant by "external factors". //Gorazd Velkovski


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