Snap: Uber Driver stabs Passenger for 'Disrespecting Car'
Monday, 19 December 2016

Police in a suburban Detroit neighborhood say an Uber driver is under arrest for stabbing a passenger who allegedly disrespected his car.
The incident allegedly began when a couple from Beverly Hills called for an Uber driver after a holiday party.

A tap on the window to let Uber driver Jacob Matthew Allemon know the couple was getting into his car was the beginning of the end according to the police report. Allemon told police he felt the tap on the window was disrespecting his car and drove the husband and wife for about a mile and then told them to get out of his car pulling into a shopping center.

When the couple asked if they could wait in his car for another Uber driver   it lead to an exchange and the 49-year-old rider was stabbed multiple times in the face, chest, and back.

The victim was able to disarm Allemon and restrain him until police arrived.

Allemon, 23, of Berkley has been charged with assault.

The victim was transported to an area hospital and treated for his wounds and released the next day.


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