Pandov: SEC's 'Independent' Members are under control of US Embassy
Monday, 19 December 2016


 The so called 'independent' members at the SEC are completely under control of the US Embassy, they were bought by Jess Bailey before, during and post elections. It's why these independent members were pushing so hard to nullify the election results from an entire area because of one vote, who turned out wasn't even a Macedonian citizen - says Aleksandar Pandov in his interview for TV Nova.

- VMRO-DPMNE's proclamation that it won't allow foreign meddling came perhaps a bit late, we have seen the US, British and EU reprresentaives exerting pressure on judges not just in local Courts, but all the way to the Constitutional Court. Can our Ambassador in Washington waltz into the US Supreme Court grab one of the justices and tell them "this is what I need you to do and you'll be rewarded for it". It's preposterous what the foreign diplomats have been allowed to do in Macedonia - says Pandov.

Meanwhile, USAid sponsored portal PlusInfo run by SDS member Branko Geroski once again is calling for Gruevski to be assassinated. This is the third time Geroski has issued such calls, yet he has never been arrested or even questioned by police. 



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