Administrative Court contradicts SEC, approves SDSM request
Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The frequent visits of the US Ambassador Jess Baily to the Administrative Court over the past two weeks appears to have paid off. This is the Plan B to steal the elections from VMRO-DPMNE after it originally failed at the SEC where even two SDSM members voted against their own party due to the level of ridiculousness exhibited in SDSM's appeals.

This afternoon, a Skopje court has upheld a complaint of the SDSM-led opposition coalition against a decision of the State Election Commission reached on Dec. 18, thus invalidating the voting process at a polling place in the Municipality of Tearce in the sixth electoral district. Tearce was the best option for SDSM to steal and turn the election result in their favor due to the closeness of the final tally. There is also much less people to bribe, which shouldn't be a problem for SDSM's head, Jess Baily.

The ruling of the Administrative Court in Skopje, posted on its website, was reached by a council of five judges (Lulzilm Saliu, Nada Ivanova, Edita Naskovska, Snezana Trpkovska and Ismeta Amet).

Today's court ruling is contrary to a decision of the SEC, which had decided two days ago that SDSM's complaint over voting irregularities at the polling place was groundless. 

The Administrative Court reached the ruling with a majority of votes. It cannot be appealed.

The court is expected to reach a ruling over another SDSM complaint against a decision of the SEC by the end of the day.

Earlier, the Administrative Court concluded the debates on the last three appeals against the SEC's decisions on complaints about alleged irregularities in the course of the 11 December early parliamentary elections - two filed by the SDSM-led coalition and one by VMRO-DPMNE.

On Monday evening, the Administrative Court completed the debates on two appeals, filed by the SDSM-led coalition. 

The deadline for ruling on appeals discussed today expires Wednesday at noon, i.e. 24 hours after the debate.

The decisions of this court are final.


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