Judge Snezana Trpovska received 400,000 Euros to vote in favor of SDSM
Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Skopje daily "Zurnal" has just revealed a mega scandal. Namely, Administrative Court Judge Snezana Trpovska who just hours ago voted and supported an SDSM appeal that had zero merit or legal framework was said to have been paid 400,000 euros by Vice Zaev, the brother of Zoran Zaev.

The money were delivered yesterday evening in a black bag, all in cash, and the recepient was Snezana Trpkovska's husband - reports Zurnal.

The information that Trpovska sold her vote was confirmed before the vote took place after several SDSM officials publicly boasted of "getting the job done in Court, we have the judges" - writes Zurnal.

In Kumanovo, during a meeting of SDSM MP Maksim Dimitrievski and OU Brakja Miladinovci director Marina Manojlovska, Dimitrievski commented that the job in the Administrative Court is done, and it wasn't cheap.

Zurnal asks where do the money come from, and concludes that there is a complete erosion in Macedonia's judiciary system after the latest scandal. This needs to be investigated and investigated quickly.

Meanwhile, Zaev is meeting with Baily...

VMRO-DPMNE essentially stated that the foreigners behind SDSM continue with fabricating the election results in Macedonia.


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