Swedish Ambassador can't count: "Macedonia voted for Change"
Tuesday, 20 December 2016


"Macedonia clearly voted for change" says Swedish Ambassador to Macedonia Matts Staffansson in an interview with several foreign mediums (French, US and Swedish). 

Even though the SEC already posted the final election results showing the ruling Government will obtain a new mandate, the Swedish Ambassador doesn't appear to share the opinion of the SEC and identically with Zaev states "the Macedonians voted for a change".

But Staffansson wasn't done. According to the Swedish diplomat, Macedonia has been moving in the wrong direction for several years, and it wasn't just the bilateral issue with Greece that's the problem, but the overall direction of the country.

The good news is that Zaev finally found his long lost brother, and it's the Swedish Ambassador Matts Staffansson. Neither Zaev, nor Staffanson can count and both agree that the country is moving in the wrong direction. The massive investments, giving away free land, increasing pensions and salaries by 100%, refusing to be bullied by the US to enact sanctions against Russia... this is all a 'wrong' direction according to Staffansson.

What is baffling about the interview is that he appears to know of things that apparently we don't. Staffansson states "It will not be easy, it will take some time to form a Government, to implement needed reforms". This doesn't appear to be a statement that reflects the election result. Staffanson insinuates that it will not be easy for the SDSM to form a Government, but in the coming years it will be formed, apparently with or without our consent.

The Swedish Ambassador wraps up the interview stating Sweden would push and ensure Macedonia is integrated in NATO. This comes from an Ambassador whose country is not a NATO member. Which begs the question, who is Matts Staffansson, what country does he represent because it certainly isn't Sweden.

Volvo, Saab, Bjorg, Stenmark, Garbo, Bergman... but no, we had to get this guy....


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