VMRO has two options to prevent Election being stolen from them
Wednesday, 21 December 2016

We all predicted the two different options Jess Baily and Co. would implement to bring about SDSM to power. Engage the ethnic Albanian vote by stuffing ballot boxes along the villages in western Macedonia and commit major electoral fraud during the counting process. Both goals were highly successful. However, much to their shock, VMRO-DPMNE still won the elections by 20,000 votes. In addition nearly 30,000 votes cast for VMRO-DPMNE were nullified by the SEC.

The terror machinery in Macedonia proceeded to Plan B and exerted pressure over at the State Electoral Commission and the Swarovski ladies in the Administrative Court. Macedonian media has dubbed judges at the Administrative Court as the "Swarovski ladies" due to the fact they were too easy to bribe. "A simple Swarovski gift will sway their vote" reported Kurir. Not judge Snezana Trpovska, according to multiple media and sources within the SDSM, she was paid 400,000 euros by Vice Zaev to cast a vote for a recount in Tearce.

The recount will happen on December 25th. It doesn't matter that everything was perfectly good during the Tearce voting on the 11th and there were no complaints lodged by anyone, including the SDSM representatives.

After a simple analysis, it was determined that the SDSM can steal an MP spot only with a re-vote in Tearce's electoral location #2011, because of the proximity of the vote - VMRO-DPMNE won by few dozen votes.

Votes casted: 423

SDSM votes: 67

VMRO-DPMNE votes: 136 

DUI votes: 207

Rest were nullified.

There were 300 people who did not vote.

The SDSM needs 304 votes to steal the elections and gain another MP seat.

 VMRO DPMNE has two options.

Option #1. It can boycot the voting in Tearce, it has a right to do so, particularly because of the massive election fraud and interference by a foreign country via its Ambassador (Jess Baily). However, if VMRO-DPMNE repeats the mistake of 1994 and simply let SDSM illegally enter Government this would be a historical mistake of enormous proportions, there is no going back. In 1994, when SDSM took over, 200 Macedonian companies were closed, robbed, 280,000 people lost their jobs, the country was ruined.

Should SDSM enter the Government now even though they lost the elections, there would be no Macedonia, literally and figuratively.

VMRO must form an alliance with DUI/DPA in Tearce, get all the Macedonian and Albanian voters on their side. Send high rankling official from door to door. Bribe everyone! If SDSM can bribe 70,000 voters and boast about it, you certainly can handle 304. If you don't do anything, you'd lose the country, and, yes, it will be your fault.

Option #2. Get 80,000 people on the streets. This can be achieved very easily considering the level of support the Government has. I'll be the first one there, not to support VMRO-DPMNE (they have made too many mistakes), but to support Macedonia.

30,000 in front of Parliament, 20,000 in front of the US Embassy (feel free to paint it) , 10,000 in front of EU Office in Skopje, 5,000 blocking the Tabanovce and 5,000 blocking the Bogorodica border crossing. The rest in front of the homes of Soros and State Dept operatives Vlade Milcin, Sasho Ordanoski, Zoran Zaev, Branko Geroski, Radmila Sekerinska...

Don't leave untill all demands are met. //Gorazd Velkovski


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