SDSM officials attend Mosque in Tearce, offer 20,000 euros per family
Thursday, 22 December 2016


Oliver Spasovski which apparently still has his MoI official vehicle visited the village of Tearce where with Zoran Zaev and other officials are campaigning and bribing voters.

Although it's against the law to campaign during a revote, photos circulated in Macedonian media show Spasovski, Petre Shilegov arriving in Tearce in official police vehicles.


According to Kurir and Infomax, several large families in Tearce have been offered 20,000 euros per family by Zoran Zaev as of yesterday if they cast their votes for SDSM.

The SDSM deputy Agriculture Minister Ljupco Nikolovski who was part of the interim Government was seen speaking at a Mosque in front of the most radicalized community in Tearce, asking Allah for help in the process.

According to MINA's sources in Tearce, the Macedonians who live there are united and refuse to let any SDSM official visit them with 'offers'.

Meanwhile, VMRO-DPMNE are respecting the law, no official from the ruling Government party has been seen near Tearce.

In an unrelated note, DPA's leader Menduh Thaci has just announced his resignation from the party due to the poor election results.




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