CIA sends two more operatives to assist in destabilizing Macedonia
Thursday, 22 December 2016

In an editorial for Skopje daily Dnevnik, popular journalist Mirka Velinovska reports that the CIA has sent two additional field operatives to Macedonia, one of which was already involved in preparing the field for the 2001 conflict.

But before discussing the two new 'guests' in Macedonia, Velinovska analyzes the current political situation in Macedonia.

Macedonia is no longer a country based on a constitution, has no Government, has no political parties who take any responsibility for their actions and inactions. It has no defense, no diplomacy. On the last massively fraudulent elections, the Albanian mafia, the CIA, MI6 and groups of local quislings had the main role.  The so called Government was completely absent, nonexistent and had no chance to prevent the fraud. As a result, what we are going through is of our own making.
Now, we have to clean house. We all know what that means. We have been laidback, relaxed, simply lazy. We have way too much garbage in our house. We thought all the garbage, insects that we kept shoving under the carpet, into the corners would simply go away. Now we know that our garbage is still with us, so we are going to have to sweat a bit more and actually clean it up. We'll use all of our resources for the cleanup, 24/7. Then we are heading to a referendum for a constitutional Parliament in order to get rid of the Ohrid framework and Soros gonorrhea currently seating in Parliament - says Velinovska. 

Over the past  8 years, Obama and the CIA have raped the world, there are 35 conflicts and 'colorful revolutions' that the US has instigated on every single contintent resulting in over 2m deaths.

Before the US begins their hybrid, assymetrical wars using drones, colorful robots, neofascists, radical islamists, NGO activists and other locally trained groups of useful idiots, these fascist groupings are preparing the field for subversions.

The subversionists are CIA field operatives who are inserted into the US State Department and particularly the USAid. 

US president elect Donald Trump who is obviously in the know, announced he will be cleaning office, has stated he doesn't have much faith in CIA 'reports' and apparently plans to use his own private security, not the CIA.

In addition, Trump has stated he will do a complete makeover of the US State Department which for two decades is functioning as a second CIA.

For this purpose, Velinovska says, the CIA is under tremendous pressure to "finish the job" particularly after the illegal elections sponsored by the American and British intelligence, their Euro puppets and our local quisling army of morons failed.

Jess Baily is getting help

As a result, the CIA has sent two subversion experts with great deal of experience in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lybia and Macedonia.

The first is Shannon Martinez, speaks fluent Macedonian and was instrumental in preparing the field for the 2001 conflict. She came from the OTI (The Department for Subversions within the State Department), but is one of the senior CIA operatives. As is her colleague F. Phillips, who has spent years in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and was sent to Macedonia via Lybia. Phillips, like most CIA operatives 'officially' works for USAid. Martinez stayed in Macedonia from early 2001 to 2003 where she prepared the field for  the 2001 conflict, indoctrinated the young populace into becoming 'activists' against the Government, spent time in Kocani which is where the 'training' was taking place.

Two assistants for the above mentioned CIA operatives "accidentally" met journalist Mirka Velinovska in front of an ATM machine in Skopje. They told her they will be staying in Macedonia throughout 2017.

What does that tell you? The field has remained patriotic, Macedonians are not buying into any of the bullshit that's being served to them, says Velinovska.

CIA operatives through their locally trained army of morons were the ones to start the "problem" and mocking of Macedonia's cultural heritage and monuments in "Skopje 2014". This is quite self explanatory if one gets a hold of a CIA manual on how to subvert a nation and its people. The CIA is actually using several simple rules that date back to 500 BC, from the time of Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese military strategist. 
To quote the simple rules that Sun Tzu used and the CIA copied:
1. View all cultural values and anything of historic significane to your enemy with mocking and disdain. (Skopje 2014)
2. Repeatedly insinuate that the leaders of the country are corrupt and criminal. Do this until public has turned against their leaders. (Wiretapping Scandal)
3.  Interrupt and prevent the work of their leaders or their Government in every way possible.(SDSM was told to walk out of Parliament)
4. Assist the enemies of your enemy. Assist shady groups that will help you bring down their leaders. (Kumanovo terrorist attack)
5.  Create tensions between the population. (Colorful revolution... pinning Macedonians against Macedonians, Macedonians against Albanians...)
6. Turn the young against the old. (off with "old patriotism", welcome 'new age' young thinking where corporations are in charge of countries).
7. Be very generous in your promises to your collaboratos. (Zaev promised riches and British passport by MI6)

Every single point above covers perfectly what we have seen and continue to see since 2014.

Isn't this fantastic? Such a simple manual, yet so effective, but not in Macedonia... not yet, not until Sunday?

We're in for an interesting 2017. 
Think for yourself and believe in yourself, concludes Velinovska.


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