Election Fraud continues: SDSM caught distributing 1m euros in Tearce, no arrests
Friday, 23 December 2016



Last night at 10:30pm a gray Audi caravan with license plates (DB-1107-AB) carrying SDSM officials met with imams at two separate mosques in which Petre Shilegov, Gjulumser Kasipi and a man from Debar dropped off 500,000 euros at each mosque.

SDSM's Gjulumser Kasipi is an MP candidate for IE6. According to Macedonian media, the man from Debar is the financier, personal assistant of the head of the Albanian diaspora Musa Ljamalari who repeatedly met with Zoran Zaev before the elections.

Police intercepted the Audi, both Shilegov and Kasipi were visibly upset they were caught in the action, however police quickly withdrew and let them proceed after getting in touch with interim minister Oliver Spasovski.

As to how fraudulent these elections are, SDSM officials and activists are literally posting information and photos handing out cash to voters on social media. No arrests have been made!

 According to Kurir, Vecer and Republika, the entire bribing operation in Tearce is led via the mosques. Imams are tasked to receive the money and give it to ethnic Albanians. One voter is given 2,000 euros. Larger families are said to have received over 30,000 euros. Macedonians are offered 2,000 euros per vote, however SDSM officials don't trust Macedonians that they would vote for SDSM, so in exchange for the money they are asked to give up their identification so they couldn't vote (this was done across Macedonia on Dec. 11).

SDSM's Muhamed Zekiri has reached out and asked all drug dealers and bandits in the area for assistance in Tearce, however, they have still not been seen. 

These are by far the most fraudulent elections Macedonia has ever had, and we have had some bad ones in the 1990's.


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