Administrative judge family who voted for SDSM on USAid payroll, involved in "Colorful Revolution"
Saturday, 24 December 2016


Skopje's Administrative Court on December 20th brought an illegal and political decision to support SDSM appeal and approve a re-vote in Tearce which is part of IE6. In its decision, the Court makes no mention of what the evidence or legality is behind their decision, rather introduce a basic formulation that "something was wrong" without listing or mentioning what went wrong and who is responsible for it.

However, upon a second look at who these judges are, thanks to Macedonian media who relentlessly dug up police files over the past two weeks one can immediately notice the level of corruption, and their background which should have resulted in their removal from the Court.


Judge Ismeta Amet had her daughter Sibel Amet arrested as one of the leaders of the SDSM/USAid and Soros sponsored "condom revolution". 



It gets better, the husband of Ismet Amet spent several years in jail in Italy for drug trafficking. Yes, this is the lady you want to have as an independent judge!?

Judge Snezana Trpvska on the other hand is said to have received 400,000 euros to support the SDSM appeal for a re-vote. Bizarrely, SDSM officials boasted about this fact, first reported by Zurnal.


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