Deadlines: Parliament to be formed by Year-end, Government by February
Monday, 26 December 2016

 Following the announcement of the State Election Commission (SEC) of the initial results of the voting re-run in Tearce, deadlines to form new government and parliament are beginning to unravel. SEC has 24 hours to, i.e. by 7:00pm Monday, to release the final, official results of the revote.
However, parties have a right to file complaints to SEC, no later than 48 hours after the vote was over, i.e. after the initial results were announced.

SEC must decide on the complaints within 48 hours of receiving them.

Parties can appeal the decision of SEC by filing another complaint to the Administrative court, 24 hours after receiving the decision, and the Court must reach a verdict 48 hours after the appeal has been submitted.

Sunday’s vote in Tearce did not make changes to the number of mandates. VMRO-DPMNE has its 51 MPs, and SDSM its 49. Although SDSM won more votes, 245, and VMRO-DPMNE won 149, the difference of 304 votes was not reached. Thus, SDSM could not win a mandate from VMRO-DPMNE.

The ruling and the opposed party have a different explanation of the re-run. VMRO-DPMNE said for them the election was over on December 11 and they were dedicated to forming the government.

“Tearce residents did not allow a post-electoral "engineering". We congratulate them. As winners of the elections, we will remain dedicated to the future steps of forming a new government."

Petre Silegov of SDSM, on the other hand, did not accept the defeat and said his party will form the government.

"I can proudly say that the residents of Tearce voted for a life in Macedonia, regardless of the pressures they were exposed to, they said it was enough and they demand a responsible Government that will answer their requests. There will be a responsible government in Macedonia," Silegov said.

According to the electoral deadlines, December 31 is the day when a constitutive session is to take place to elect the new staff of Parliament. Then, on January 9, President Ivanov is to give the mandate to form Government to the party that has won the majority of votes.

After the mandatory proposes the new Government staff, and shows there is a majority, on February 16 the Parliament votes on the Government staff, which is elected with the majority of votes of the MPs present at the session.


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