SDSM Infighting: 'You had Unlimited Cash, the CIA behind you and Still Lost"
Monday, 26 December 2016


The situation within the SDSM appears a bit complicated a day after the revote in Tearce and the finalization of the election results.

With assistance from their foreign sponsors, the SDSM delayed the elections, twice, they were disputing the results, we saw an illegal revote to influence the final MP count, in the end all of it failed.

High ranking official within the SDSM in the Branko Crvenkovski era Ljupco Palevski perhaps put it best in a conversation on social media: You had unlimited cash, the CIA behind you and still lost, while you're explaining to the people thay you somehow won...  

Zaev has promised he'd quit the SDSM post if he lost the elections, however, that's not likely to happen unless he is replaced by his sponsors who invested over 120m euros to insert him in power since 2012.

Whether he quits or not at this point is irrelevant. The Murtino messiah will have some explaining to do to the Albanian Mafia in Kosovo and Switzerland.


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