VMRO-DPMNE's Proclamation just an Empty Rhetoric?
Tuesday, 27 December 2016

 In the last 150 years in Macedonia, there has been dozens of proclamations, memorandums tied to the Macedonian people and state. That's one rich, but verbal history. Opposing this verbal history there are only two real proclamations:

1. Macedonia becoming a state within Yugoslavia's federation.

2. Macedonia's independence in 1991 and its transformation into a colony and a protectorate over the past 25 years.

 The verbal proclamations are for domestic use, the real proclamations have world significance. It is the same as our real name which we are using at home and our acronym which is used by the United Nations. The difference between the verbal and real proclamation, or our name and the reference is in fact the difference between a desire and action, a difference between what we think and we'd like to do.

On December 17th, Gruevski read six points, a proclamation drafted by VMRO-DPMNE:

1. Zaev will not be allowed to form a Government.

2. The Macedonian State will independently make deicisions without interference from foreign Governments.

3. There will be no more "leadership format" negotiations in which foreign officials will participate.

4. There will be no cantonization or redefinition of Macedonia as a state.

5. Removal and regulation of foreign funded NGOs in Macedonia.

6. Macedonia will Enter NATO and EU.

Even children are aware that #6 contradicts the other five points in the proclamation because the only argument of the continued foreign meddling in Macedonia is precisely its membership in NATO and EU. Without it, the foreign meddling is essentially a war against Macedonia, which even the West at this point cannot afford.

On December 11th, VMRO-DPMNE won the elections. However, the sum of 20 MPs from the smaller albanian parties would not participate in a new Government without cantonization and redefinition of the country. As a result VMRO-DPMNE cannot form a Government. This way the mandate transfers to SDSM which will enter in a colaition with dui/besa defacto destroying the country as we know it. Ironically, VMRO-DPMNE are known for catastrophic failures not because they worked against the country, but becuase they simply removed themselves when in power! In 1991 even though it won the parliamentary elections it allowed the formation of an Interim Govt headed by Crvenkovski which ended up changing our name. All protests after were meaningless.

 No contry has stayed strong with a piece of paper and a pen, by voting, or staging protests. It's no accident that Macedonia won by blood stayed prosperous and strong for 45 years and the one won via a referendum is becoming a colony and a protectorate.

 Who is going to explain to Gruevski that the terrorism in Macedonia is introduced via the relationship with NATO and EU!

Who is going to explain to president Ivanov that he had to expel US Ambassador Jess Baily on terrorism charges! Why is he still in Macedonia?  What does it take to expel a foreign opeative pretending to be an Ambassador who threatens judges, SEC officials, MPs... ?

VMRO-DPMNE's proclamation without #6 may be meaningful if it only translates into action. Considering how naive Gruevski and Co. are, one must tell them there is a full frontal attack against them by SDSM/DUI/DPA/BESA/NATO/EU/US/UK. The revote in Tearce clearly showed that, when a symbolic 1 vote each was cast for DUI, DPA, BESA, while the remaining 245 albanian foot soldiers voted for SDSM.

Macedonians must take matters into their own hands, Ivanov will be forced to schedule early elections in March 2017. //V. Micov


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