Macedonia's mountains blanketed by Snow
Wednesday, 28 December 2016

 Krushevo, Mavrovo and Lazaropole are among the mountainous regions in Macedonia with most snow, having a permanent layer between 8 and 11 centimeters.  According to the Hydro­-Meteorological Bureau, in the previous 24 hours, snow and rain falls were reported in Prilep, Debar, Pretor, Bitola and Ohrid.

The weather for Wednesday is expected to be mostly cloudy and cold, with a strong northern wind and chances of light snow. Temperatures will go up to 3 degrees Centigrade.

The lowest morning temperatures were registered in Lazaropole (-­9), Mavrovo (­-7) and Pretor (­-6). As usual, Dojran and Gevgelija were among the warmest areas in the country, with temperatures reaching 4 and 6 degrees.

On Thursday, forecasters expect to see cold and windy weather with a strong northern wind, and temperatures remaining below zero in many areas. Temperatures will drop further by Friday, and on New Year's Eve temperatures are expected to plunge to ­-10 degrees.


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