Judge congratulates Soros Activist daughter for entering Macedonian Parliament
Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Judge Vladimir Tufegdzic, better known for closing A1 TV this morning posted messages congratulating his daughter turned Soros & USAid activist for entering Macedonian parliament, as a member of the SDSM.

Ivana Tufegdzic was quite popular in the 'colorful revolution', mainly because she was one of the highest paid 'revolutionaries', cashing in around 1,000 euros/ week to dump paint on police, monuments and Government buildings.

Judge Tufegdzic became quite famous for ordering A1 TV executives Chomovski,  Jovanovski, Cvetkovska to turn off the lights at the TV as he sent the owner Velija Ramkovski to jail.

Much has changed since then in the Tufegdzic family after frequent meetings with representatives of the US Embassy. The judge became very anti-Government, while his children got involved in the staged anti-Government protests. The SDSM MP list is said to have been created by foreign diplomats, a fact even Zaev didn't deny.  As a result, at least a dozen USAid and Soros activists will enter Macedonian Parliament. Ivana Tufegdzic is simply more known due to her father and the case he worked on.

Ironically, just two years ago, judge Vladimir Tufegdzic was labeled a "regime judge" by the SDSM, but now his daughter is an SDSM MP! What two years and $$$ from USAid can do to a man!?


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