Frckovski: We Couldn't have gotten the # of MPs if it wasn't for Foreign Diplomats
Wednesday, 28 December 2016

In a world where treason is rewarded with more MPs, former high ranking SDSM official Ljubomir Frckovski, the man behind the UN reference, the man closely associated with Kiro Gligorov's assassination attempt stated in an interview that the SDSM would have no chance of an election win, or gain MP seats without an elaborate and "robust involvement of foreign diplomats" in the country.

Frckovski also suggested the plan is to close all State universities in Macedonia, essentially create a"Gulen" network of Universities similarly to Turkey where students would be indoctrinated in a "new system".

A system in which liberal/progressive/corporate agenda will rule over everything else.

But this isn't all. Just past week, SDSM's Nikola Popovski stated should they form a Government, it will immediately reduce pensions and salaries across the country!?

Considering the SDSM in the past has reduced pensions and salaries by 75%, where the elderly received 11 pensions/year, Popovski's statement is not at all surprising. 


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