Ivanov: New Census must be conducted
Thursday, 29 December 2016

"The rights which depend on statistics cannot be demanded unless a new census is conducted. I expect that the new government is to conduct a census as soon as possible so that we can determine the number of citizens in the country, and whether the reality in practice corresponds to the claims of some of the politicians", Gjorgje Ivanov, the President of the Republic of Macedonia, stated in his annual address.

"I hear that there is a demand for bilingualism for the entire territory of Macedonia. The issue has already been resolved with the fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia which derived from the Ohrid Agreement that regulates the question of the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. The official use of any language in the Republic of Macedonia depends on statistical data, and the only way in which a realistic picture can be seen is by means of a census", highlighted Ivanov.

"I can only say that it is irresponsible to demand rights without  taking obligations, as stated in the fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia", stated the Macedonian President.

"The obligation and responsibility of each citizen of Macedonia, irrespective of their ethnic, religious, language and ideological background, is to protect the welfare of our only common homeland - the Republic of Macedonia", said the President.

The previous census in Macedonia was carried out 14 years ago, which Ivanov concludes is too long a period for any country. Considering there is a widespread belief and facts available the census in 2002 was fabricated, a new census is needed indeed, one that doesn't count people via Skype, as DUI's leader Ali Ahmeti suggested.


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