Coup Sponsors place last hope in Janeva and SPO
Thursday, 29 December 2016


 "Drop whatever it is you have, pursue VMRO-DPMNE with new cases in January" were the last instructions SPO's Katica Janeva received from the US Embassy in Skopje, reports Dnevnik.

Citing high sources, Skopje based Dnevnik today reported that a foreign Ambassador has pressed the alarm in the SPO and requested the interim prosecution team to push full steam with creating cases against the ruling Government effective immediately.  Noticing the confusion within the SPO, the foreign 'diplomat' ordered the focus to be on investigation in election finance - reports Dnevnik.

"It appears the foreign coup sponsor has not given up on the idea to destroy Macedonia's constitutional and unitary character and is pulling last resort moves to protect their massive multimillion dollar investment which resulted in VMRO-DPMNE winning yet again, taking in roughly the same number of votes as the previous elections who in the eyes of the coup sponsors were "not credible". It's clear their two year project is collapsing in front of their eyes, and their last resot is the SPO. The aim is also to weaken VMRO-DPMNE prior to the local elections in March" - says Dnevnik.

SPO Operation begun in October

According to the Skopje daily, the SPO operation begun long ago, back in October. Dozens of individuals have been called in for questioning, many have been threatened into giving false statementes that would incriminate the VMRO-DPMNE leadership in any shape or form.

As one VMRO-DPMNE official states, Janeva's team begins the questioning with:

 No one will tell you "thank you" if you don't give us the statement we need. Be smart, now you're a witness with the SPO, if you give us a good statement, things will be good for you, if not, the next time you show up here you'll be prosecuted and they won't be there to take care of your family. But we can help you if you give us a useful statement.

This is pure coercion, blackmail by the SPO, highly unlawful, in fact, there are already lawsuits of Skopje residents against the SPO precisely for being exposed to psychological torture.  However, similarly to Zaev's trial, none of the lawsuits has made any headway in the Court system.

After the debacle on election day, the coup sponsor has entered a new phase, and that's direct confrontation with VMRO-DPMNE.


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