DUI to release document with "new demands" drafted by Edi Rama via the CIA & British Intel
Friday, 30 December 2016

A document containing demands of the albanians in Macedonia is going to be adopted by the Albanian political parties, whose representatives have been elected MPs in the December 11 early parliamentary polls, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said Friday in Skopje.

The content of the document shown by Edi Rama (but drafted by the CIA and MI6) was discussed yesterday in Tirana in a meeting of Albanian PM Rama with Ahmeti, who represented DUI, and officials of radical islamists Besa and the Alliance of Albanians.

According to Ahmeti, the document sets no red lines and its content does not outline key conditions for talks on the formation of a new government in Macedonia. "It (the document) lays down the basic principles and real needs of Albanians in Macedonia."

Negotiations about a new government have not been launched yet, he said. Talks will be opened once a mandate is handed by the country's President for the formation of a government. Also, the document will be made public after the mandate is handed.

According to the DUI leader, the key demands in the document are stemming from the parties' election programs, and these include language rights, economic parity, judicial reforms, settlement of some court processes, EU and NATO integration, as well as extension of the term of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO).  Apparently, it's quite important for albanians to make sure Janeva's SPO 'keeps working'.

Ahmeti said he expected the leaders of the Albanian political parties in Macedonia to continue to hold meetings in Skopje, which he said would be 'hopefully' joined by representatives of DPA.

Asked whether the policy of the parties of Albanians in Macedonia was being created in the Albanian capital Tirana, Ahmeti said 'neither Albania nor Kosovo are the ones drafting the positions of Albanians in Macedonia.' "We have our own goals and our own program, but any assistance is welcome, whether it comes from like-minded friends or the international community."

The DUI president fell short of saying whether a new government won't be formed in Macedonia, thus paving the way for fresh snap polls, unless the demands of Albanians in Macedonia are not met.

Ahmeti held the press briefing on Friday before the start of the constitutive Parliament session.


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