Velinovska: US is Out, London takes over Macedonia destabilization project
Friday, 30 December 2016

In the latest column by Mirka Velinovska for Dnevnik , the popular Macedonian journalist states the foreign aggression in Macedonia will now transfer in the hands of London, as a result of Clinton's election loss which will essentially drain the swamp - most CIA operatives including the US Ambassador who directed the field operations will now be replaced.

The "Macedonian operation" originally drafted in the White House with Soros' assistance took place with the Przino Agreement in 2016, however operationally was active well before then, says Velinovska. Macedonia has showed surprising resilience in refusing its own demise, however the CIA is confident in their success, since the plan was suppose to conclude in and around 2021. Why is Macedonia in the "crossfire" as John Kerry so eloquently stated? The only goal is to prevent a Eurasian economic connection, which leads through Macedonia, and Turkey.

However, Turkey is already cleaning house, so the main focus is on Macedonia.

Don't get me wrong, the globalist cabal through the CIA and MI6 has had lots of success. The South Korean, Brazilian presidents were removed using the same lies they used in Macedonia (wiretapping scandal). It's how they removed Berlusconi in Italy. Similar moves are now underway in Mozambique and the Congo as we speak. The Romanian (German appointee) president refused to grant a Prime Minister position to a woman whose party won the elections because her husband is Syrian and he cheered Trump's election win!?!? Can you even imagine the odacity of that western fool!

The focus is Macedonia - says Velinovska, and don't we know it. The CIA boss just ten days ago visited Tirana to meet his useful idiots - writes Velinovska. It's his last visit. Although Trump is suspending all the CIA's (USAid) funds in Macedonia, the CIA boss had one last instruction for Rama - it's the British that will be taking over the operation due to unusual circumstences in the US (Trump's win).
George Soros, the pro Nazi collaborator and senior CIA operative who took down the British currency is relocating to... London, to manage the activities from there. For the longest time, it was the US who shielded the Nazis, world's criminals, now it's back to Britain to 'protect' the scum of the earth.

According to official London, Albania in the next for years will be the base of operation which will be used to transfer funds to the Soros network across the Balkans. Considering Albania is a non-country country which the UK has used for their dirty deeds since the 19th century, this makes total sense.

Even today, there are 3,000 mujahideens in Albania who are training out on the open with NATO oversight. Albania is the biggest producer of narcotics in Europe whose profits are shared between  the Albanian mafia and their civilized brothers in NATO. The drugs are transported to European capitals utilizing civilian and military Albanian pilots approved by NATO. This is the very defintion of organized Mafia, which in our case is often used around the Balkans to fabricate elections.

The UK is already out of EU, thanks to Brexit, however now that the American cabal has been knocked out thanks to Trump, the Brits see a great opportunity to become a factor in a clueless Europe.

What Next?

To surmise, Jess Baily is gone. The British Ambassador to Macedonia is taking over. He will be assisted by the usual British Court jesters: The Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian Ambassadors (in fact, we have already seen a major uptick in their involvement in Macedonia), the transfer has already taken place.
The Dutch, Swedish and Norwegians will for the most part take over the financing of the Soros network, now that the Americans (USAid) are out. The Germans and Italians will assist, not because they want to, but due to their loser mentality from WW2. As losers, they still think they have to accept every blackmail from the British and the US.

The Albanians will once again be used as cannon fodder, this time by the British. Albanians always seek out to serve a superior master, it's part of their identity and genetic makeup.

Edi Rama's second wife Delina Fico who just opened an office in Skopje as a member of yet another CIA front "East & West Institute" will be in charge of the "NGO" funds that come in the country.

Edi Rama and Hashim Thachi are heading to Istanbul, to meet with Erdogan. Their master is sending them there to request approval from him to create disturbances in Macedonia.

Erdogan, will certainly defend Turkish national interests, even through Macedonia. The Turkish leader is fully aware who staged the coup against him and who Edi Rama's master is.

You will notice France and Eastern Europe are not part of this. They aren't because people there are already awake. Their respective Governments have strong objections against endless coups and colorful revolutions, both at home and abroad.

In the end of the column, Velinovska asks:

The Americans have already lost, their empire is crumbling in front of everyone's eyes, yet the harder they fight to maintain it, the more they lose. The British are not a world power, yet mistakenly think they once again can become one? Have they not learned a single lesson over the past 100 years?


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