Ivanov: May the Holidays Bring Joy and Prosperity
Saturday, 31 December 2016

May the upcoming holidays bring us new strength, new joy, positive thinking and renewed hope for fulfilled life in peace, prosperity and well-being, President Gjorge Ivanov said in his New Yearís message to the citizens.

We should learn lessons from many crisis and challenges that our country had faced in the past year, Ivanov stressed.

We want to quickly forget this year. We faced many crises and challenges. It is appropriate to draw lessons from it and come out stronger, wiser and more responsible. We should not allow all what was negative to repeat, Ivanov said.

The New Year 2017 brings new expectations, new hopes and new wishes in all of us. In these times when we feel the power of hope and joy, we bring back to fundamental human values to be humane and righteous. These days when we celebrate and rejoice, letís consider what each of us has done for the family, for friends, for neighbors, for society and for their country, Ivanov said and wished above all, good health, joy, love and kindness to the citizens of Macedonia.


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