Doctors: It was a good, calm New Year celebration
Sunday, 01 January 2017

The New Year's Eve in Skopje was relatively calm, say doctors of the capital's hospitals and Emergency Room.

Twenty-eight intoxicated individuals, narcotic overdose patient and also people involved in traffic accidents, fireworks incidents were treated.

Twenty-eight intoxicated patients were admitted overnight, of whom 9 minors and all have been released for home treatment, said Toxicology Clinic doctor Zanina Perevska. Narcotic overdose patient is released home in good condition.

University clinic for surgical diseases St. Naum Ohridski admitted 65 patients of whom 22 during the night, doctor Jasmina Cabukovska said.

A total of 93 patients were checked at the Mother Teresa Clinical Centre, of whom many were released for home treatment.

Seven of the 93 patients were hospitalised. One was hospitalised in plastic surgery clinic for fingers amputation after fireworks accident, two were hospitalised in Trauma Clinic and one patient is treated in Clinic for Intensive Care and Reanimation after the fall from scaffolding, Trauma Clinic doctor Hristijan Kostov said.

The Emergency Room received 168 calls on New Year's Eve in Skopje and surrounding areas, said Health Center director Tatjana Baevska-Vuckovic.

During the evening there were 81 interventions of which 27 first-degree emergency care. Of these, 15 were intoxicated, she said. She also underlined that there were two traffic accidents of which one in Skopje downtown and the other on highway in Petrovec. Persons suffered light injuries and were transported to Mother Teresa Clinical Centre. 


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