Macedonians to enjoy Seven long weekends in 2017
Monday, 02 January 2017

In 2017 the citizens of Macedonia will have an opportunity to enjoy more long weekends in comparison to the last year.

Holidays are regulated by the Law on Holidays in the Republic of Macedonia. Under the law, holidays that occur on a weekend are moved to the following work day to extend their celebration. So there will be seven long weekends this year in comparison to three in the previous one.

The law declares the following days as public holidays:

1 Jan Sun New Year's Day

2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday

7 Jan Sat Orthodox Christmas Day

17 Apr Mon Orthodox Easter Monday

1 May Mon Labour Day

24 May Wed Saints Cyril and Methodius Day

25 Jun Sun Ramazan Bajram

26 Jun Mon Ramazan Bajram Holiday

2 Aug Wed Day of the Republic

8 Sep Fri Independence Day

11 Oct Wed Revolution Day

23 Oct Mon Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle

8 Dec Fri Saint Clement of Ohrid Day

Orthodox Religious Holidays:

January 6 - Badnik -Christmas Eve (for members of the Orthodox faith);

January 19 - Bogojavlenie (Vodici) Epiphany (for members of the Orthodox faith);

April 14 - Good Friday (Friday before Orthodox Easter - for members of the Orthodox faith);

June 2 - Friday before Duhovden (for members of the Orthodox faith);

August 28 - Uspenie na Presveta Bogorodica (Golema Bogorodica) Dormition of the Virgin (for members of the Orthodox faith);

Catholic Religious Holidays:

April 16-17, Easter and Easter Monday for members of the Catholic faith);

November 1 - All Saints Holiday (for members of the Catholic faith);

25 December - Christmas Day

Muslim Religious Holiday:

September 1 first day of Kurban Bajram (for members of the Muslim faith)

Jewish Religious Holiday:

Begins September 29 and ends in the evening of September 30 Yom Kippur (for members of the Jewish faith);

Ethnic Communities Holidays:

January 27 - Saint Sava (for members of the Serbian community);

April 8 - International Day of the Roma (for members of the Roma community);

May 23 - National Day of the Vlachs (for members of the Vlach community);


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